A Star Trek Advent Calendar Is Available for Purchase

A Star Trek Advent Calendar Is Available for Purchase
Star Trek Advent Calendar from EagleMoss

Sold through EagleMoss, Star Trek Borg advent calendars are available for the holiday season.

The gift set is a complete experience with the calendar, coffee mug, socks, etc.

Borgs are one of Star Trek’s most iconic and terrifying foes. They are a collective of cybernetic humanoids, operating as a hive mind, devoid of all humanity and individuality. Borgs operate with a single purpose — to find and assimilate other life forms and technologies, adding their distinctiveness to their own. They cannot be reasoned with.

They were first introduced during The Next Generation’s second season, appearing a handful of times throughout that series and in one of its films. The Borg aren’t a major part of Deep Space Nine’s plot, but they are significant to the backstory. They played a much larger role in Voyager, beginning with that show’s third season finale and continuing through the Voyager series finale. The Borg storyline is also important in Picard’s first season.

Star Trek Borg Cube Advent Calendar |

As for the gift set, it retails for $149.95.

You can have a look and make the purchase here.

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