About Us

TrekHead follows, analyzes, opines, and covers all things Star Trek, past and present. We’ve started at the top of the food chain, watching every episode beginning with The Original Series to the contemporary programming.¬†

Each episode and movie from anything Star Trek ever is detailed and unpacked. Then, we keep you abreast on current events pertaining to the franchise and its key players — like actors, writers, creators, rumors, etc. That’s the up-to-date part.¬†

Specifically, we tell you the “why” of Star Trek. That is: The deeper meaning, the parables, and the implicative takeaways. We’re here to tell you “what they meant by that,” at least in our estimation.

The creator, Dustin Baker, is a political¬†scientist, chiefly interested in the societal impact of Star Trek. Keep it quiet — but he also covers sports, in particular the Minnesota Vikings.