New Star Trek Film Release Delayed 6 Months

New Star Trek Film Release Delayed 6 Months
Sulu – Star Trek

The latest Star Trek film is still more than two years away.

You’re probably excited about the next installment in the Star Trek film universes — it’s only been five years since a new movie — but the wait was increased today.

Paramount announced the film will tentatively release in December 2023. So, about two years from now.

If you crossover into Transformers fandom, the wait is about six months shorter.

Matt Shakman, who previously directed television episodes of Game of Thrones, WandaVision, Billions, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, among others, will direct the untitled 2023 installment of the Star Trek film franchise.

Sep 19, 2021; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Matt Shakman arrives at the 73rd Emmy Awards at L.A. Live. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

In the meantime, oodles of Star Trek content is available, chiefly via television. Star Trek Prodigy, Discovery, Lower Decks, and Picard are all going strong.

For intense fans, here’s a fact about the drought:

So, start your countdowns to just over two years — a particularly long wait since Star Trek: Beyond hit theaters during the 2016 presidential election cycle.

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