You Can Watch the ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Pilot for Free on YouTube

You Can Watch the 'Star Trek: Prodigy' Pilot for Free on YouTube
Star Trek Prodigy

Star Trek universe decided to tackle a show designed specifically for kids and young adults, a first-of-its-kind series in the franchise’s 50+ year history.

As of November 7, three episodes have been released by Paramount+. The pilot was actually the season’s first two episodes packed into one. Normally, the episodes are near 30 minutes long with commercials.

For the time being, you can watch the full pilot of Prodigy, a mash-up for episodes one and two. And that’s right here:

The show is receiving decent reviews, notching a 68 score from Metacritic. Other reviewers like Brian Lowry from CNN weren’t quite as impressed.

The show airs a new episode each Thursday on Paramount+.

No prior knowledge of Star Trek is needed to enjoy the series.

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